• To undertake basic and applied research for improvement of camel.
  • To provide leadership and co-ordinate camel research and training nationally and act as a national repository of information.
  • To collaborate with national and international agencies for camel research and development.


  • To carryout basic and applied research on camel production and health as influenced by different farming practices.
  • To carryout base line survey of camel genetic resources in India.
  • To carryout research on draughtability.
  • To carryout research on milk production potential in camel.
  • To carryout research for improving reproductive performance.
  • To carryout research on management of camel diseases through surveillance, monitoring and control measures.
  • To carryout research for enhancing productivity by nutritional intervention.
  • To carryout research for exploring camel immune system and its applicability in the diagnosis and therapy of human diseases.
  • Technology validation and its impact on socio-economic status of camel keepers.
  • To act as a repository of information on camel research and development.
  • To collaborate with national and international resources.
  • Development of human resource in the area of camel health and husbandry.